Welcome to the ThatJournalingGuy blog! HAPPY 2018! Even though I feel like I’m very very late on that announcement. A lot of the blog is still under construction. I’m currently in the process of blending my digital content on Youtube with the content I’m providing to you on this blog. I’m so excited for all the things I have planned for you this year. I want this blog to pertain to anything that has to do with productivity, creativity, self-growth, motivation, journals, and all things stationery. We’ll be discussing things like TED talks, pen and notebook reviews, productivity tips and book reviews.

I will be updating this blog twice a week alongside my youtube channel to give you guys double the content!

This still to come to this blog in 2018:

  • Forums: Dedicated to Book club discussions
  • Instagram Spot Lights
  • Live streams and much more!

Thank you so much for visiting the blog. I hope this helps you and that you meet like-minded people who help you grow and boost your growth in ways you didn’t even know you needed.

Don’t forget to Subscribe to my Youtube Channel and follow me on Instagram for all my latest spreads and pictures.

Instagram: @ThatJournalingGuy

–  ThatJournalingGuy

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